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Get Engine Tuning From the Makers Themselves

Get a custom-built engine from Motorsports Unlimited and have it tuned up with dyno services from the folks who know that engine best - us!

We have made it our business to build the world's biggest and most powerful boosted engines, so it only makes sense that no one can keep them better tuned than the manufacturers you know and trust.
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In-The-Shop and At-The-Track Tuning Services

When you have us tune the engine we built, you get multiple advantages. We'll make it perform better, of course, but at the same time we'll target future improvements that can be made.

You'll also be getting a running, tuned engine that will need only minimal adjustment at the track.
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Count on Constant Improvement in Engine Care

At Motorsports Unlimited, we're the complete high-performance package, not just an assembler. More research and development for racing, engine tuning, diagnostics, and engine dyno is coming soon, too!

Come see us at 1425 Fort Harrison Road or call 812-232-4282 for more info.
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Call 812-232-4282
Come see us at
1425 Fort Harrison Road
in Terre Haute
"I always try to keep my money
going to local businesses and Motorsports Unlimited is an
excellent place to start. They have shown to be price competitive with the two big nationwide competitors with even quicker turn times.
The few times they could not compete, the customer service surpassed x3 anyone I have ever
dealt with. We are very fortunate to have them in our community."

Kreg Duke, Facebook
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